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Our Own Community Together
Many local organizations use vendors outside the Racine area, when they could be stimulating our economy by adopting a simple policy... "Think Local First". In most cases local businesses provide the same or better quality, service and price... yet many people still purchase outside the community. Unless we adopt an attitude of "Think Local First", we will lose millions of dollars in revenue and jobs. Let's stimulate our own economy and start to "Think Local First" - If you are getting a better price elsewhere, let our local business owners know.
We want and need your business to be local!
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Why Think Local?

What's Spent Here, Stays Here

Locally owned businesses spend their profits locally, purchase more goods from local suppliers, and employ their own office and support staff.

Get More for Your Money

When more money gets re-circulated in the community, general prosperity as well as tax revenues increase, creating a more vibrant and sustainable economy.

Local Businesses Offer Unique Character

A wide variety of locally owned businesses contributes to a stronger local identity and cultural diversity, creating an attractive place to live and visit.


Strengthening our locally owned business community promotes authentic and meaningful relationships between employees, business owners, customers, suppliers, and neighbors. Business owners, who live in town, take better care of the environment, participate in public life, and donate generously to local charities.


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Your participation helps strengthen our local economy and allows you to benefit directly from our extensive marketing campaign.

Did You Know...

For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $45 continues to circulate within the community vs. $13 from a non-local business.

2002 Austin study by Civic Economics.

Our Mission

Think Local First - is a network of independent and locally owned businesses and community organizations joining together to promote economic vitality and preserve the unique character of our community.


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